Microsoft .NET SDK is violating the GDPR, object now

.NET SDK collects more telemetry than was claimed and it is not anonymous. More..

SQLite as a document database

SQLite has had JSON support for a while, but the recently added generated columns feature allows you to treat it like a document database. More..

Vim blowfish encryption

...or why you shouldn't roll your own crypto More..

Tips for XRandR

(or: Help, why doesn't my projector work under Linux?) More..

DTrace and Perl

DTrace provides powerful tracing abilities, combined with perl's support for user defined trace points gives powerful insight into Perl. More..

Using HAProxy to make SSH and SSL available on the same port

Certain places firewall TCP ports other than the most common ports. There are many techniques for bypassing such restrictions. One simple approach is to run a SSH daemon on port 443, however a downside of this is you need to dedicate an IP address to this SSH service. More..

HTML mail with mutt using Markdown

Mutt is my favourite email client, as email is primarily about text I don't personally see much need for a GUI client (although if I had to use one it would be Thunderbird with Muttator). More..

Today's amazing speeds on Virgin Media

Virgin Media's level of oversubscription annoys me, so I wrote a quick little thing so you can see what speed I'm currently getting..

Wikipedia over DNS

Taking advantage of the DNS protocol and TXT records for free, distributed caching (or just a cool hack, depending on your point of view).


For all you two avid visitors of my site, I'm sure you'll be happy to see I've redesigned it, it now has a wonderful git powered backend (no databases in sight here). More..

Wikipedia summaries for Greasemonkey

Displays a summary of Wikipedia entries as title of links to Wikipedia. More..